66.1.Kalisto.Louis_Frédéric_SCHÜTZENBERGE_1883_0112Louis-Frederic Schützenberger – Salon de 1883

Now only the right name was missing. After we had to say goodbye to the original one, a worthy alternative has finally been found. There were really nice suggestions – but many of them had to be discarded quickly.
Sometimes the characterization was not right or the background story was right, but the sound was irritating at best. What was even more common: the name was already in use for everything


Finally we have decided on “CALLISTHE” – “Kalisto”.

Kalisto means “the most beautiful”. She was a nymph and had the task of preserving the beauty and youthful radiance of the gods. Well – this commitment and the associated skills were ever a good prerequisite 😉
According to mythology, she was transferred to the nocturnal starry sky as a “big bear”. Only very few know this, but the “big wagon” is familiar to many- and this is a part of the big bear.

Ursa Major

Ursa Major Till Credner AlltheSky.com

66.4.602px-Ursa_Major_(Bode) KopieJohann Elert Bode – Presentation of the stars

How it came to this exile was not so nice – lying, deception, jealousy and revenge … “beloved” of Zeus “? Well … others interpret it as a rape. The subsequent rage of Hera because of the “misstep” then met exactly the wrong address …

O.k. as a marriage therapy, the oil was not thought anyway – although serenity in dealing with each other probably would not be wrong ..  😉  (some of the ingredients have, inter alia, relaxing and mood-enhancing effects – and thus helps against too many worry lines).

Part 9



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IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg)