For years I’ve been struggling with it, spent a lot of money, followed unpleasant tips- none of them really helped. Only the famous coincidence showed me the right treatment.

Because I often hear about similar stories: here is my “discovery”, that helps.

Already at teenage age it began: open skin areas, itchy scalp, pustules and dripping down dandruff. Wearing dark clothes? I could not even think of that.

After a short look the doctor gave me cortisone -and that was it. At that age I still believed doctors always know, what they are doing and have applied the ointment well. As soon as I forgot the ointment, the problem came back immediately. Brilliant hair remained a dream anyway. Later, I changed the doctor to a more responsible one, who stopped the cortisone and prescribed a special shampoo from the pharmacy. The stuff was only available on prescription and the price of a bottle was nearly twice of my monthly student insurance. The effect lasted longer – but only a little bit. Then all sorts of experiments followed, especially by hairdressers: I could nearly see “the dollar signs in their eyes“, when they had a look on my scalp. From time to time, I bought one of their expensive products- but nothing changed the situation .

Then I did my training as a naturopath and  I noticed successes in patients who had given up by their doctors –
now I should finally get a handle on something!

No! Diets, self-made shampoos, medication.. helped a little bit and only a short time- nothing more. What’s written in a few minutes, has been following me for many years.

When I was in China for the first time, I was enthusiastically told about the usual “hair wash”. (This is a procedure, that takes more than an hour and the term “hair wash” is pure understatement!) The hairdresser wanted to start and had a look at my hair and scalp in advance. To understand his thoughts about that, I did not even need to understand Chinese. The terrified look spoke volumes. The experienced colleague was called in and then it went off: again and again my hair and scalp were carefully washed . Thoroughly washed and rinsed- and washed and rinsed etc- until the scalp was clean. They only used a simple shampoo – nothing else. After hair drying, I was already struck by their unusual brilliancy. On the next hair wash the cleaning was already much faster and in the whole time I had NO problems, just: gorgeous shining hair. Great! But what was the reason for this? Maybe by the very different food (only fresh food and lots of fruits and vegetables?)

Back home, the old condition was quickly reached: the scalp was inflamed and the hair dull. Maybe the wrong shampoo? No matter which brand I tried … somehow it was never the right one. After that, further stays in China followed, I watched as a lynx and with the help of wild gesticulation I came closer to the puzzle solution.

61.2.Human_hair_2By Foreade (Own work)
The fact that the hair looks so beautiful is not due to the shampoo, but to the ability of the hair washers! Regardless of which handgrips are carried out, the structure of the hair is always taken into consideration – so the surface of the hair is never roughened by the washing. (When the hair is rubbed against each other like using a washboard, their proper structure is transformed into a kind of “barbed wire.” No wonder they can not be combed without additional “care”products!)

61.3.800px-Menschenhaar_200_fachBy Jan Homann (own picture) so beautiful CAN look healthy a hair …

The head massage can also be done very well and thoroughly, if one does not perform the (as with us) usual circular movements- you e.g. use for cleaning a cooked cook. By nothing else than their year-trained skills, the hair scrubbers reached, that the hair structure doesn’t look as riot brushed up any more. As a result, they don’t need special hair“care“products, which had to hide the traces of the wrong treatment. Recently I was once again at a German hairdresser and could experience the “after-effects” of the wrong handles. Also, I have made cautious remarks about the structure of the hair and the really logical right treatment .. – they didn’t want to hear it or even change something.
What could I do?
No more hairdresser?
Go there with already washed and still wet hair?
Exactly the wrong treatment with subsequent care had caused my scalp problems!
That explained why this problem first occurred, when I was a teenager (before- I didn’t care overly about my hair and didn’t use any special “care”products– I wanted it to be clean and not hanging in the face). That explained why no medicine and no diet helped – because every styling and “care”product on my scalp and hair was harmful- it was something, that didn’t belong there.

Unfortunately, I can not travel to any hair treatment to China, but I can try (!) to copy the type of hair washing. That makes many products unnecessary. If I want to use stylize products for hair, I have to make sure, that I clean my hair extensively afterwards. The best way to do this is with anti-dandruff shampoos (which I had previously avoided because of the hair color), which act like a peeling. An ingredient, which should be found there, is called “piroctone olamin”. Also favorable are dissolved urea crystals, which you can buy in the pharmacy. It improves the skin moisture and doesn’t stick your hair. This often reduces itching.

What we have proved: sometimes a very simple dishwashing (without extra gloss and hand care and and) is better than a shampoo with a huge ingredients list. Even in Turkish shops, we have sometimes encountered good and simple shampoos. Unfortunately, meanwhile the people like complex shampoo and all sorts of „care“ accessories.
By the way, occasionally it’s possible to use normal products of e.g. Nivea or Ganier. This was unthinkable before.

Sometimes, however, the most attentive and best treatment doesn’t help- because the products are gruesome. A new brand (massively advertised), “as good as visit at the hairdresser” … generates blisters on the head with various users. Then do not try any longer, but change!
As I said, as soon as the hair is washed properly, you often do not need cures, rinses, etc., but they look really great. Unfortunately, it is also becoming more and more popular in China to sell brand „care“ products than to offer time-consuming care by a well-trained hair washer. I hope, appreciation for this knowledge will be great enough to sustain the profession. It would even be great to have some of these experts at home (in Europe)!

I have written about “treasures“: the knowledge about traditional Chinese „hair-washing“ definitely belong to it!