The Story behind Tresenze

In the 80th it became trendy to produce the own cosmetics. Therefore one could find good instructions and lots of different raw materials. Combined with knowledge about chemistry and biology from school and university I started my own experiments.
Friends, fellow students and colleagues in the hospital loved to test my products. In the beginning I could hardly believe my first and very simple ‚trial versions‘ had such a positive influence on skin problems.

When I started to visit producers I learned more about quality:
Climate, cultivation, methods of harvesting, methods of extraction, even the correct storage and, last but not least, the purity, have a noticeable effect. I got to know the raw materials’ interesting effects, especially their different varieties and chemotypes, and to distinguish their quality. Nevertheless, it took several years, many tests to develop new recipes, failures again and again, until I became „familiar“ with the peculiarities of the capricious natural products. And learning goes on -of course.

These raw materials do not just smell „nice“. They form the basis for some necessary corporeal substances, too. Because of new methods in cultivation these are no longer available in our food. Most of them have a positive effect on immune defense and mood. Who ever could get to know high-quality variants, knows what I mean.

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