“haute cuisine” –  for your skin

Can any advantage be found by using „edible ingredients“?

This idea came from a dramatic experience I had when I worked in a hospital: Someone inadvertently fed wrongly filled baby bottle (baby bath instead of similar looking and smelling tea). A few ml of this (baby! -) bath additive were enough to kill a healthy newborn within a few hours.

Of course, such a thing is not the order of the day – but poisoning is a problem especially at the age of 2 years old babies. Cleaning agents consisting of hazardous substances can be kept out of reach. But what about normal baby care products- always ready to hand on the diaper changing table?

Additional the skin absorbs many of the substances. Not all of the ingredients are used for skin-caring, but to facilitate the production process, reduce production costs and more.

Fortunately- good care products don’t have necessarily their origin in a hight-tech laboratory. If made of natural raw materials, they are more compatible with the skin- provided the quality is respected. Explicit reactions to synthetic substances often take years. Who already suspects what kind of „bill“ will be presented after 10 or even 20 years?

The consequent step followed: Why should this purpose be restricted to babies and toddlers? Good natural raw materials have a whole range of soothing properties. Not just for babies. The taste may not be always nice for everybody, e.g. a product that contains jasmine or orange blossoms. In our culture, these flavors are unknown in food, unlike other regions. We only know and appreciate them in teas. Of course, nobody is poisoned – and the skin loves it. But you can find products smelling (and tasting ) really mouth-watering, too.. 😉