exciting recepies

Many of plant essences have their special fragrance: exciting, refreshing, appetizing, soothing, bewitching. But there ist more!
Use it for your skin: they are able to nurture and heal, have a positive effect on your moods or harmonize organ systems via the intake into the blood. Raw materials are most effective when the plants grow in the countries of origin under ideal climatic conditions, no long transport distances or susceptible storage before distillation.

Not only composition and the effects are more extensive then- also the fragrance is more extensive. Anyone who has doubts may consider a good plant-essence with a fresh plant from the greenhouse or even with originally Mediterranean plants fresh from a northern European field. In studies and training I learned a lot about the advantages of naturally grown and the properties of cloned plants, or their effects on biological systems. In addition, many years of experiments and observations were made. As a consequence, I wanted to restrict myself to pure and natural raw materials of the best quality and controlled quality: This alone has advantages for the scent: Millions of years of common evolution of humans and plants cause a predictable effect of the plant fragrances on the psyche and the body. You can’t find something similar on synthetic or “modified” products.
Rosemary e.g. has a number of positive effects on health. Unfortunately, availability depends on demand and on weather conditions during the harvest year. In addition, the composition changes every year. (Good/healthy for users- but difficult for production..) If you mix together the main (but artificial) components, the fragrance may superficial be similar to the natural one. This makes you independent from cultivation – and the result is temptingly cheaper. But in this composition you can’t find the healthy effects of the natural essence any longer. The often expressed assertion the consumer isn’t able to notice this – I cannot confirm, by the way. Even laymen, who participated in my seminars and worship sessions, could clearly distinguish synthetic essences from natural ones.

  • Number of substances in synthetic rosemary 7,5% 7,5%
  • Number of substances in natural rosemary 100% 100%




Even more attractive is the “replica” of flowers. Rose-fragrance consists of more than 300 individual components- and not all are yet investigated. Rose is very well tolerated, a remedy (and more) for very many skin problems. Unfortunately the harvest is complex and the essence is very expensive. For this reason they tried early to synthesize the essence.  If customers prefer natural products, there exist some tricks to reduce the costs: e.g.replacing the genuine and pure essence with similarly fragrant and much cheaper ones or diluting the real essence with it (which would be at least still natural substances), or to spice up with individual synthetic components. For this reason, controls by laboratories (and knowledge of chemistry) are essential.