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Who develops the recipes? The selection of the raw materials, the manufacturers, the cultivators?
A neurobiologist, traditional healer, teacher, lecturer, nurse, scientist, but also a product developer, designer and perfumer- meanwhile also blogger- that’s me.

you want more details?

Every child is curious – fortunately I’ve remained inquisitive in riddles of nature until today – thanks to my grandpa, who tried to find out answers to all my questions – together with me- adapted to my knowledge and age! In elementary school I was lucky with a class teacher, who knew how to keep our interests.

The big crash came with the change to the secondary school. The fact that there is something like development steps and phases, or that even children and teenagers are already personalities, must have passed by to the biggest part of educators. Except natural sciences were still attractive and so I was a permanent visitor in various libraries – looking for further answers. In the other subjects I could not follow the statements. Finally, my desire to study medicine arose. There I found everything that had turned out to be exciting at school.

Because I couldn’t start studying immediately, I started a a teaching to become a nurse. But 3 years later I discovered, that the professional activities as a trained nurse did not correspond to what I had learned and expected before. Even the doctors had to accept lots of senseless regulations and restrictions.

Close to my original intentions were biology studies. This turned out to be a good choice: no matter whether weeks of internships in the “holidays”,  up to 14 hours a day, nocturnal experiments or weekends – with very few exceptions, these years were just highlights for me. Thanks to my previous training, there were enough jobs in interesting areas such as ICU and Delivery Rooms. Now the ambitious teaching of advanced level in high school became an advantage. I often had a considerable advance in knowledge and could concentrate on the news. I chose neuro-sciences as the main subject on the basis of a family background. This was a good decision from a technical point of view, less as regards the views of some of the university teachers. After the diploma my studies took an abrupt end … – because „a mother could not be a serious scientist“ ….!

That’s it. (Yes, during my studies I got a son, and he was quickly familiarized with natural sciences. He was watching my experiments with great interest -from his the travel cot next to me.)
To find a job with the small child was not easy and lasted quite a while. There was nothing but jobs as a nurse. In the kindergarden, I finally got the suggestion to make an apprenticeship as a Waldorf teacher. There are different paths for this and accidenially I have got the best possible training.

When I started full-time as a teacher it seemed to me, that I hadn’t really learned anything in any of my trainings. Yes, it is a huge difference to have knowledge available-or to explain something to someone else. In this time I literally “comprehended” my subjects! It was a great pleasure for me to infect my students with my enthusiasm for biology and chemistry. (Organic chemistry, for example, finds a completely different understanding, when one creates its own care products with this knowledge.)

Unfortunately, the type of instruction and the feedback of the students came to growing mistrust with some colleagues. It did not stop there, and so I left the school with a heavy heart after a few years. I taught children in other schools and “adults” (for example, in medical subjects). Here as well I benefitted from the advantages of the unusual education in pedagogy.

Gradually I noticed, that knowledge in academic medicine was not enough. Often it doesn’t correspond with my knowledges in biology. Some traditional healing methods are closer to biology, but hardly to unterstand without intensiv training. So I signed up for a naturopath school and opened my own practice after passing the exam. I offered traditional Chinese medicine, anthroposophic medicine, homeopathy and aromatherapy.
These therapies have one thing in common: before the treatment, extensive information about the patient and his illness must be collected. Excerpts do not really help. Step by step my insight to the needs of the patients increased and my knowledge about effects of various means and therapies grew steadily. Even though I had expected these therapies could help, I was often amazed at the drastic successes, especially when patients were „declared“ incurable.

Later a cooperation with a company was added, which sells essential oils. In the meantime, I have had a long experience with these essences and their potential. Now I was able to indulge in an immense variety of variants, to which I would have had no access as a normal “customer”. After a while, I was asked for exciting product developments and trials, and I held trainings and workshops- for which we founded the company Tresenze.

My “childlike curiosity” has been preserved for me, I am still looking for new scientific publications, visit interesting courses on herbal essences and their uses, neurobiology / learning / motivation, medicine and healthy lifestyle – and-of course- make my own observations. The more I learn about it, the better the themes fit together.