Meanwhile, I can complete the experiences on lavender and burns with the application in case of sunburn:
Even if you almost think about it with every sunbath – sometimes a sunburn gets you.

Surely everyone knows the home remedies like pure lemon juice, olive oil, cottage cheese …
As long as one of these methods really helps you – wonderful!
But it is not suitable for everyone.
Lemon juice? Really? As far as I know from others the only effect was, that it burns like hell.
So I only tried it in a small area – and was glad that I didn’t try a bigger one ..
Olive oil? If the sunburn has healed so far, that may care for the skin. On a ‘fresh’ sunburn the feeling of heat increases with it.
(Fresh!) cool ‘Quark”(something like cream cheese) is a nice feeling- at the first moment -but it must not get warm in any case. That will be unpleasant, too.
So: I tried aloe vera spray (not the fresh gel – or the pure raw material for cosmetics), but a
“First aid spray” with various additives.
That was surprisingly uncomfortable and burned.
Pure lavender oil? It is already too late, if you notice the redness.

Maybe a good, pure lavender hydrolat without (!) additives like alcohol or similar preservatives?
That’s it! That’s the real McCoy! You immediately feel relief. However, only for a few seconds. As soon as the moisture
has evaporated, the feeling of heat seems to be worse than before.
What to do then? Who wants to spray every 10 seconds or spend the next few days in the cold tub?
What about hydrolates that evaporates more slowly? It would definitely be worth a test. If you use a gentle gelling agent, it should not burn.

If I had used something like this as skin care, I also noticed, that then no extra care with fatty cream was necessary. A few minutes after application, the skin did not stretch – it was not dry – just as if it had used facial cream.
The trial with the gel was different than I expected. The cooling gel was of course a blessing .. When would I feel the heat again?
I waited a few minutes.. few minutes more .. and more. Nothing bad happened- no heat, no pain. The slow evaporation did not irritate the skin to a backlash. Heat and pain disappeared.
Since lavender also heals, I occasionally applied the gel again (despite the nasty experiences before). Other test persons were quickly relieved by the gel. The unpleasant effects such as increased feeling of heat, burning or even pain remained.

BURNS by e.g. hot water vapor

Finally (!) The mistake is discovered. *) Without doubt – Lavenderoil is a veritable “miracle cure”. Only the universally praised effect of burns? So far I have not been able to watch them. A friend of mine even made a burn worse by using lavender oil.

It is precisely THIS effect (using lavenderoil for burns of the skin) that brought essential oils from the pure perfume ‘corner’ and made it public again as a remedy. In the beginning of the 20th century, there was an explosion in a laboratory in which Rene Gattefossé (a French chemist and perfumer) burned his hands seriously. As there was nothing else to cool, he stuck his hands into a bowl of lavender oil. To his astonishment, the skin healed quickly and without scarring. Through this accident, he was almost the father of the new (rediscovered) aromatherapy.

I kept coming back to the story, I also tried that from time to time … but somehow … I could not confirm that.

Until I burned myself really nasty – all fingers in water vapor, which left the vessel under pressure .. Huge ouch! For a moment, I was paralysed, unable to react or to think – of course I know the feeling of being burned – but not in this intensity … probably because there is not really much “padding” on the outside of the fingers and the heat hits almost directly on the periosteum and bone. The well-known first aid- to cool the burning- didn’t work for the first time. On the contrary, the pain was even increasing. Luckily, I remembered the story of Gattefossé and quickly grabbed the best lavenderoil I could find in my lab. Since the burn was extended over all finger joints, I wanted to avoid a scar formation here absolutely. I could not touch the skin with anything, so I dripped the oil on the burnt spots.
Although it took a long time in my sense of time, that must have happened very quickly. Except for a slight redness, there was no sign of an irritation. In the next few minutes, the skin gradually turned to a dark blue-red – the areas where bubbles were supposed to form were also visible, but blistering did not occur. The pain gradually subsided, and as soon as it came back I dribbled lavender oil again and there was a speedy recovery.
Later, I alternated the lavender oil with aloe vera.
At one point after 2 days a bubble arose (where I had also tested gels from the pharmacy), which I still have to provide separately – but not on all other fingers. The skin is still sensitive and gradually dissolves in the burned areas – but looks great otherwise. Despite the size of the burn, scarring remained completely exhausted after one year, nothing can be seen.


*) – The faster the lavender oil is applied, the better – at least before the skin has visibly reacted. Then it seems to be able to prevent really bad skin reactions and pain (with later use I could not see any real help, as already described above).

-That only 3% of the sold lavender oil is really genuine, explains the reported completely failed applications – so it is important to ensure the best quality.

– Use pure lavender oil and preferably do not dab, but spray or drip – if necessary with a clean little jug or spoon.
– Repeat the application as soon as the pain returns.

I had also tried out burn gels from the pharmacy. These had an adverse effect on the condition of the skin and the pain, so I stayed with lavender and aloe vera.

All in all, I am thrilled! The pain – even a minor burn – can affect quite a bit. I do not want to imagine how the cure would have gone without the above two remedies. On the whole I had a maximum of half an hour of pain. This fact was quite impressive – and worth sharing it with.

When I worked in the ambulance, there were always patients who had their burns cared for there – but how much time passes until you’re in the clinic at all, the papers are all filled out (yeah … that’s how it works …), and then there is no doctor available for the treatment or assessment (they rarely sit around bored waiting for work). If you’re lucky, you get a hospital, where the ambulance staff can provide such wounds directly by themselves.

Very important: large-scale burns or burns of the third degree should definitely must be examined as fast as possible by a doctor – especially if happened to a child!
I hope you don’t catch any injuries, but it’s definitely worth having a bottle of top quality lavender oil in the house (or on the road):
– it helps with insect bites,
– headache (the usually praised mint-oil is not tolerated by everybody),
– antiseptic- especially for diseases of the respiratory tract,
– also as a first aid in case of high blood pressure (exaggerated, for example, with physical exertion in the scorching sun),
– Insomnia,
– stomach-ache
and in general:
in skin care products.