Uninvited guests: Bacteria and fungi

I now had to face the next task: when a cosmetic product is spoiled, germinated, it is no longer useful. In this condition most of them then don’t smell delicious. That would not be the worst: depending on the type of new roommate you can also get sick of it. The simplest way would be preservatives – but they have a drying effect on the skin, which makes the skin even more vulnerable. Many do not tolerate and react with swelling, redness, pimples or even worse.

The best breeding ground for unwanted “roommates” is a mixture (emulsion) of a fat portion and water. So I better don’t use any water. (By the way, with water you can stretch the amount almost free of charge – and it is not even harmful. Look at the ingredient lists: the further ahead an ingredient appears, the more of it is included). But water is not bad at all! But anyone can do that on their own afterwards – better a nice alcohol-free hydrolate of roses, lemon balm or orange blossom. Elderflower Hydrolate is also something fine, but almost impossible to get.
Pure natural fat oils only last a limited amount of time. The particularly rich (such as wheat germ oil) are even more sensitive and their use is no longer recommended after 3 months. The better-lasting synthetic oils lay like a film on the skin – as a drastic picture I use the idea: like a plastic wrap. Did we want something like that? Really not!

However, natural oils are something like food for the skin – so they are not only sensitive, but additional fast, away ‘. Jojoba oil was the solution: it is not really an oil but a wax. It does not turn rancid and it is not completely absorbed by the skin. That means, the protective effect stays longer. The chosen essences are germicidal by their nature (the plants protect them, among other things). To be on the safe side, we also planned to add another plant extract, which is suitable as a preservative in a specific concentration.

And now? Could we finally start?

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